Latin America commemorates '' Che ''

Across Latin America, held commemorative ceremony dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the execution of the legendary revolutionary "Che" Guevara

Ernesto Guevara de la Serna (the future "Che") was born in 1929 in Argentina. He received his medical degree, but devoted his life to the revolutionary activities.

In 1959, along with Fidel Castro, he made a revolution in Cuba, after which he was appointed to a number of senior positions. However, he was uncomfortable in the office, and he went to make the revolution throughout Latin America.

In 1967 he, along with a detachment of guerrillas began fighting in Bolivia. However, government troops October 8, 1967 it was seized and executed the next day. In the basement, he was buried, and his body was here 30 years

30 years later his remains were moved to Cuba, where they were buried in a mausoleum in Santa Clara. Above the tomb was a huge monument.

After coming to power, an ardent opponent of the United States of Evo Morales "Che" was honored as a hero in Bolivia. High in the Andes, it was a monument.

Now the statue of Commander in the mountains of Bolivia will definitely be another pilgrimage revolutionary romantics and fans just left ideas from all over the world.

40 years after the death of the name "Che" Guevara is not only not forgotten. With it goes the young portraits, born many years after his death.

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