Rainbow - the well-known optical phenomenon in the atmosphere

Rainbow - the well-known optical phenomenon in the atmosphere; occurs when the sun shines on a veil falling rain and the observer is between the sun and the rain. This phenomenon is represented as one, at least - two concentric arcs of light, risuyuschihsya in the sky from falling rain and stained concentrically in a number of "rainbow" colors. The inner most part of the visible arc is painted with the outer edge of the red, with internal - in purple; therebetween in a conventional manner lie solar spectrum color (red), orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Second, rarely observed arc lies above the first, painted usually weaker and the order of the colors in reverse it.

Rainbow phenomenon should occur due to refraction and total internal reflection of sunlight in raindrops. If the ball falls liquid droplet beam, he undergone refraction along the direction may be reflected from the rear surface drops toward and exit again refracted in the direction. Beam, or fallen on the drop, may, however, at a second time and leave an impact on it, and brake. direction. If a drop of more than one beam will fall, but a bundle of parallel rays, as is proved in optics, all the rays that have undergone one internal reflection in a drop of water droplets come out in the form of a diverging cone of rays ...


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