Yesterday he completed the last race.

Accident between m. University and m. Prospect Vernadskogo
Behind the wheel of this now piles of metal sitting Timur Tyureva. Here is what they write about him:
Developments in the world of drag racing. May 12, 2007 in Tushino held the first race on the legal drag racing. Arrivals were accompanied by a grandiose show and fireworks. The event was held under the patronage of the Moscow Government, the Federation of Automobile Sports of Moscow and the RAF. In the group with confidence won Tyureva Timur, who showed the best time in class and in the Absolute. It was the debut of the young rider who has shown not only a very good result, driving 1/4 mile in just 11.8 seconds., And showed better top speed at the exit 188 km / hr., Which was among the largest shown on this day. Timur performed on the car Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 7 SX 500 GT-M power of 490 hp, prepared by the ATC "Sportmobil." We congratulate the winner and wish him further victories !!!
Yesterday he completed the last race.

View car before the accident


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