Design Challenge Robocar 2057: Mercedes-Benz SilverFlow

What will be the car of the future - this question possible answer gives Mercedes-Benz, representing the concept SilverFlow. Apparently, half a century later, the driver will forget about the problem of choosing between family minivans, and little functional autocars - to replace the whole "zoo" body types come one, capable of changing its shape depending on the specific request of the driver. All of you probably remember the robot T-1000 from the movie "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" - that such powers will have SilverFlow. This is facilitated by the use of metal nanoparticles, controlled by a magnetic field from which the car of the future will be, and the driver will be able to choose the type of housing cars of several possible "preset". The appearance of the gold fields to be informed of the completion of "transformation" and the readiness of the car for the trip, and the choice of colors is unlimited machines simply - a dream for girls, pick up a car in the color of your favorite clothes.

In the "initial" state SilverFlow is a small ellipsoid of ferromagnet - convenient for transport and storage, it is the "garage issue" is completely eliminated. Simultaneously solved the problem of repairing the vehicle even after the most terrible accident - SilverFlow recovers its original shape simple "reset". In general, no car, and the dream of every motorist. You only need to wait for the development of technologies to produce such a miracle of technology.


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