Although Riyadh is officially the capital of Saudi Arabia since 1932, it is up to the 1970s. remained in second place after Jeddah. Built on the money of the oil boom, Riyadh desert oasis of glass and concrete, home to luxury hotels, a huge hospital complexes and one of the largest airports in the world

Center of Riyadh is called Al-Batal and is the oldest part of the city. In Al-Batal is a bus station, main post office and main municipal organizations

One of the most interesting sights in Riyadh Dirayyah ruins, which are about 30 kilometers from the city center. Once it was the first capital of the Kingdom, and is currently being excavations. Dirayyah was founded in 1446, reached the pinnacle of his greatness in the 18th century and was destroyed in 1818


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