Tornado in the Museum Mercedes-Benz (9 photos)

The tornado right in the famous German town? Just inside the museum? What's the joke? .. It turns out, is not no joke, and very serious (and not dangerous) the invention to which the place just within the walls of a museum devoted to the history of the famous car brand. And yet he found a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

Mercedes-Benz company well, not without a museum dedicated to its products. So she built it back in 1936, and began slowly to collect artifacts for the exhibition. The process, however, much delayed - right up to 1961, but the result was good.

This is clearly evidenced by the fact that fans of the brand Mercedes, all fans of cars and tourists onlookers continually precipitated building. The company, of course, has always been extremely happy about that. But by the early 1990s, currently aggressively started to assert banal, but difficult problem: Museum worse cope with the influx of visitors.

It became clear that you need a new building, and in 1999 the company bought the land in Stuttgart for the "building of a successor." At the same time Mercedes has announced a competition for the museum project, won by Dutch architect Ben van Berkel (Ben van Berkel). So questions about the unbelievable curvature surfaces all the construction - is to it.

But the construction itself, which authorized the company Züblin and Wolff & Müller, began in 2003. At the same time it was decided to equip the building is not entirely conventional system software - protivodymovoy, which should complement the fire.

To work on it attracted Dr. Rüdiger Dettsera (Rüdiger Detzer) - Engineer of the company Imtech, has long engaged in the development of systems to combat smoke. The idea makes sense, because, as experts say is often a major factor deaths during fires are just suffocating gases emerging from the burning.

From the beginning of construction Dettser and his colleagues prepared antidymovuyu protection, suitable only for mersedesovskogo museum, conducting first test models, and then - in the building. The fact that it is for the system and how it works for a long time, almost nothing was reported.

Ironically, nothing about it was known even in May 2006, when the official opening of the new museum (Mercedes-Benz Museum).

And on October 15 the administration of the museum decided to show the public how does this very unique and a little secret protection. It represents a special ventilation system that removes smoke with a strong vertical vortex trailing from the ceiling to the floor spacious atrium of the museum.

For a demonstration of the battle in the atrium on the floor we installed a smoke machine and run it. However, viewers of this unusual action for a long time was not able to dive into the theatrical haze. When the rescue system worked, it is sucked through a vortex of the building is reported to be 28 tons of air, and removing all the smoke.

Witnesses said that this thing works just deafening. However, this did not saddened prudently invited to the event representatives of the organizing committee of the Guinness World Records (Guinness World Records), which determined the length of the vortex - 34, 43 meters.

Then they congratulated the museum staff and the developers of the system, telling them that the record was set - this turned out to be the longest artificial tornado. Alas, they did not say, Whose record in this unusual category was beaten with a triumph.

Here are just a principle of the "Mercedes-tornado" nobody clarified. And not revealed the secret of such a rapid penetration in the "Guinness". "The air is blown from all sides of the fan - says Dettser. - So it turns the flow ».

His information can be clarified only by the fact that no ordinary fan is used (obviously), and some special forming a tornado using 144 separate narrow streams. Yes, the distinguished engineer is clearly something not telling ...

A pity - it could answer a lot of interesting questions about his development. For example, I could tell, it really is effective his system. After all, during a fire, it will inevitably cause a flow of fresh air into the room, and hence enhances the burning ... Most likely, this issue is resolved in some ingenious technology tricks. And what - this seems to be a secret.


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