New supershlem British pilots

UK Ministry of Defence has submitted November 9 pilot helmet for pilots of F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Instead of the usual display computer synthesized image applied directly to the pilot's visors.

In addition, the helmet allows the pilot to see through the walls of the cabin, including an image processed data with thermal imagers. It also provides tips pilot needs for flying, navigating and fighting.

According to the pilots, to try out a new helmet, the importance of the helmet for the entire program Joint Strike Fighter is difficult to overestimate. The media, in turn, ambiguously perceived novelty. Some journalists have compared photos of the helmet with the staff of the film "Terminator", while others said that his appearance by itself is able to scare the enemy to death.

Fighter JSF was chosen by the British government as a replacement for standing armed Harrier in 2001. It is expected that the next phase of the JSF program will begin December 12, 2007.


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