Age for short skirts

Many Britons believe,
that after 40 years a woman is indecent to wear short skirts.

- In London, so now go? - A friend at every meeting gives me an appraising look, although I hardly am fit for the role of the guru in fashion. - So after all are? - She asked one of the hottest days.

- Yes, someone like that. The main thing that it was convenient - I said, extending sympathy to us Muscovite who jacked plunges high studs in hot asphalt. - Lightweight short trousers with tunics, they - ballet flats or small wedges ... Leggings are back in fashion ... But after twenty years, they are not advised to wear.

- Why? After all, the main thing that it was convenient? - Offended girlfriend. - Fashion is now democratic.

We wore leggings with her in the last century, when it was fashionable for the first time. I always thought that they disfigure any female figure.

- From the street no one expelled, but the unwritten laws remain.

I led the survey data: the majority of Britons believe that after 42 years a woman is indecent to wear short skirts, after 45 - bikini, after 50 - long flowing hair. Men after 56 years ought not to go to T-shirts, after 65 - in jeans.

- Well yes it is a real genocide ... Although we have the same thing - said a friend, remembering his employee, which is due to the long curls called old mermaid.

If you wish, you can napridumali many nicknames. Vaughn order uncle proudly strolling along the boulevard in white trousers, white shirt and white shoes, called baker. Major lady that almost sweeps the pavement long skirt - falling. And one that is strict in dress and hairstyle and also wears glasses - librarian.

- Podsledniki! - Suddenly said girlfriend. - In combination with open sandals, or slippers ... Very unattractive.

Thus, from the small errors we moved on to serious crimes against beauty.

She cited an example of a strong domestic. It seems that everyone in the country has changed and podsledniki left, I see them every summer on the streets of Moscow. Still youngish women do not want to be feminine - wear it to get even with all male born.

Conspiracy Theory confirms that the man was not in debt - they organized a secret society of carriers of long socks. Otherwise, why not buy yourself short, which is almost invisible from the sneakers?


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