A ring of silver coins with his own hands

First, you need a piece of steel to be used as a base to work with the coin. Take the coin and postavte her on edge. Knock spoon or small an edge continuously rotating coin, it is recommended that a spoon, as the "flattening" occurs under more precise control.

Once the edge of the coin wrap to the desired height of the future ring, stop and make sure that it remains circular and save the form

Then drill a hole in the center of the coin. As soon as the end of the drill passes through the coin - stop, the drill will clamp itself in the hole. We reserve the drill in the coin.

Then take a piece of sandpaper, first 400 units. hardness and grind the edge of the coin. Gradually replace nazhdachku to smaller and end of 1200 units. tv.

Then take a polishing paste, applied to the fabric, and start processing the coin.


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