Husband got the paparazzi Gwyneth Paltrow

According to the tabloids, the Internet has a new video in which the band Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin hit a paparazzi. The victims turned out to be a photographer, persecuted the woman Martin, Gwyneth Paltrow, in addition, as an actress heading to the hospital.

In the video the leader of the band Coldplay in the hood covering the face, knocked intrusive paparazzi on the ground and took his camera, repeating "Keep the little respect!" Friends of the victim of the photographer after the incident stood up for him and demanded to return the camera, threatening to break the glass of the car of Chris Martin. The singer returned to his cell, reiterating that requires respect for his wife.

Earlier this week, the paparazzi photographed Gwyneth Paltrow in Hospital Mount Sinai Hospital. The actress looked haggard and move around in a wheelchair. According to some rumors, an urgent visit to the hospital was caused by a third pregnancy Gwyneth.

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