Coming up with passwords for the Internet do not have to

Perhaps soon you visit favorite web sites, users can manage far fewer passwords than it is now.

The giants of the computer industry - Microsoft, IBM, Google and Yahoo have teamed up to develop a system of Open ID, simplifying the authorization process on the Internet.

It is assumed that Internet users need only one ID,

Now the use of many Web services involves boring registration procedure - you need to be patient and put a lot of information about yourself, and even come up with a username and password.

Open ID is the idea that once a user registers and when the other site he is required to enter a login and password, the request is automatically sent to the place of initial registration to confirm.

This means that no longer will have to invent new name and password for each new registration on the Internet.

Now, more than 10 thousand websites already have implemented this system.

The fact whether the used Open ID Live Mail and Gmail, managed by Microsoft and Google, respectively, is not yet known.

Before joining the development of Open ID, Yahoo and Google have already tested at similar systems.

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