The largest underground hotel in the world

The largest underground hotel in the world will soon be in Shanghai. Songjiang beauty spot - is the name of the new hotel, which is created on the site of a former quarry near Shanghai. This unique engineering project has 21 floors. The hotel is down the steep wall of the quarry directly to artificial lake, which is located under the bottom of the sports center of the hotel. The roof of the hotel is a garden with a total area of ​​3000 square meters.

The architects placed the hotel complex inside a water-filled pit. At 100 meters depth pit will be located 400 rooms, bars, restaurants, a sports complex.
In the very depths of the quarry, under the water, it will house a sports and leisure complex with a swimming pool and water sports. For thrill-seekers will be offered jumps rope from the center of extreme relaxation on the roof of the hotel, so you can be climbing the steep walls of the quarry.

In the design of the hotel has been taken into account all the requirements of modern "ecological architecture", placed on the roof of the park up to the extraction of geothermal energy.


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