Brilliant misconceptions in science and technology

In the future computers will weigh no more than 1.5 tons. (PopularMechanics, 1949)

 - I think that in the world market we find the demand for five computers. (Thomas Watson - Director of IBM, 1943)

 - I traveled the length and breadth of the country, talked to the wisest men and I can guarantee you that data processing is a fad, a fashion which will not last more than a year. (editor-publisher Prentice Hall, 1957)

 - But, what ... can be useful in this thing? (question on discussing the creation of a microchip in the Advanced Computing Systems Division of IBM, 1968)

 - No one may need to have a computer in their home. (Ken Olson - founder and president of the corporation Digital Equipment Corp., 1977)

 - A device such as the phone has too many shortcomings to consider it as a means of communication. Therefore, I believe that the present invention has no value. (discussions in the company of Western Union in 1876)

 - This musical box without wires can not have any commercial value. Who will pay for the messages not intended for any private person? (partners of association David Sarnoff in response to his proposal to invest project for radio, 1920)

 - The concept is interesting and well-decorated. But, in order that the idea began to work, it must contain common sense. (Yale University professors in response to Fred Smith's proposal on the organization of service delivery to the home; Fred Smith becomes the founder of delivery service Federal Express Corp.)

 - Yeah, who the hell are interested actors talk? (reaction HM Warner - Warner Brothers on the use of sound in film, 1927)

 - We do not like their sound, and, in general, the guitar - is yesterday. (Decca Recording Co., has rejected a record album of the Beatles, in 1962)

 - Flying machines, weight is heavier than air is impossible! (Lord Kelvin - the president of the Royal Society - Royal Society - 1895)

 - Professor Godar does not understand the relationship between action and reaction, he did not know what conditions are necessary for the reaction more suitable than a vacuum. It seems the professor is experiencing an acute shortage of basic knowledge that are taught in high school. (editorial in the newspaper New York Times, devoted to the revolutionary work of Robert Goddard on creating rockets, 1921)

 - Drilling for oil in the ground? Do you mean that it is necessary to drill the earth to find oil? You lost your mind. (response to the draft Edwin Drake in 1859)

 - Airplanes - interesting toys, but no military value, they are not. (Marechal Foch, Professor, Ecole Superieure de Guerre.)

 - Everything that could be invented has been invented. (Charles Dyuelll - commissioner of the US Office of Patents, 1899)

 - Theory of Louis Pasteur about germs - a ridiculous fantasy. (Pierre Pasche - professor of psychology at the University of Toulouse, 1872)

 - The abdomen, the chest and the brain will always be closed to invasion of the wise and humane surgeon. (Sir John Eric Eriksen- British physician, appointed chief surgeon of Queen Victoria, 1873)

 - 640K should be enough for everyone. (Bill Gates, 1981)

 - $ 100 million - a very high price for Microsoft. (IBM, 1982)

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