CatBox 360 - cats also love comfort

When it comes to comfort, our pets obviously have more advantages, especially when it comes to the call of nature.

Looking at CatBox 360, I immediately tempted to install any gaming mixer in his dressing room. But, forgetting about their needs, come back to talk about the latest accessories for dogs and cats.

Visiting CatBox 360, your little darling fluffy now can not deny yourself the pleasure to see a real game show. Video and random melody activated as soon as his foot touch donyshka automated restroom. Each foot is thus gives rise to a new note. So whenever your cat wants to visit her dressing room, her legs just will publish notes, and if she still goes to the bathroom - CatBox lose 360 ​​special songs, obtained by multiplying the sounds.

Among the favorite tracks of your cat will now be Ardent Catscratch, Waltz homeless kitten and cat Kuldzhaz. However, there is nothing particularly rejoice, because the developers CatBox, company Pawsitivity, not yet announced any price or approximate dates of release of the goods on sale.



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