Bald - disabled?

For several desitilety shatlantsky pas teacher named James suffered terrible baleznyu pad called baldness. Bald obschem he was ... And pratyazhenii fsey career evo this matter thorough zaebyvali. The kids, yeah. Well inagda kaneshno, kallegi.

If you have children of elementary grades joke was flat and adnoy Amount of pieces, such as:
 - Bald pate, give kusocheg pirashka ... then the students pastarshe could hear conversations pas etam got into the habit:
 - Hey, I wonder at the wafer etayo Volusia kada - nid grow? - Asked Adin padrastayuschy bastard have Drugova.
Yeah well, nah ... you ever seen kagda Volusia wafers, LOL! - Zhizneradastna atvechal another.

Or Young pelotka absuzhdali evo f ear between Saboya:
-Oh, You're a pasmatri, embossing, ugly ... Well, just prick IS textbook bialogei pa ... I wonder if Nebo and mudyah valosikov weeks? - Ghawar Ani, trying to look into his pad Keltie ...

Kids Hula ... Whether it kallegi. Those jokes were vysokointelektualny and so veiled INTO couple they could not notice ... asobenno padepki fizruka ... He zahadya the teachers, zhizneradastna yelled:
 - Oh, damn it! And * uygalava mulberries! Zdarova, epta!
Well, Pat traditional ritual: a teacher's apladismenty fsey fizruk emphatically praiznasil "FOR-LU-PA !!!" sapravazhdaya each syllable savory Fofanov to benevolent. Fofana was so strong that the poor James paluchaya money in the bank, inagda in the "name" and wrote for-lu-pa ...

Is school a lady he uhadil late evening pas plastuntski, shtoby not salknutso with "estarsheklasnikame strongly needed or desirous of sex." For they Evo strong zaimeli their slogans: "Haha prick ears ..." kravazhadna rotating the nazhom - babachkay ...

Adna hope was at zaebanava teacher. That day. Fair and rigorous, yeah. Arriving at stsut, so atsudit Seeb disability and Pat Drach comfortably on your patalok not walking in this terrible school, he zapadozril neladnae, kagda judge looked at him and asked Her: And this is for Th * ui? ..
After listening to Evo, the judge finally zasholso laugh: "Hto? You? Disabled, a pancake? Chiba dick instead of a pension, go atsyuda, kazel ... bald. LOL »

He pashol ... Well, and the next he still swept the judgment debt, 'YYYY, bald ... ... Hryapni lysava yyyy "


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