Where are the hearings

Yesterday morning I obzhog lower lip to the state of the blister when tried
Are pasta (in the form of shells). The shell was steep and hot water:
my & quot;%: LYAD !!!!!!!! & quot; It was unheard of in neighboring apartments accurately ...

I came with blisters on the job. Blister must say could not see much - so
whitish swelling. However, it hurts, you bastard, I strongly and it constantly

At the end of the day my boss (a very pretty woman) draws
Finally note that with me that something is wrong - spiteful, gloomy, lick
lower lip, answer questions in monosyllables like "Go and on dick ..." and
I have to tell you what they say, "nothing personal - just lip ... mother
... it hurts badly ยป.

It gives me the right advice - smear lip bedtime vazilinom (Haha!
Well, I do not obzhog ass ...)

In short - talked and dispersed, the rest of the day passed quickly and I
zasobiralsya home. It so happened that my boss left the
rooms at the same time with me. In the corridor of course - a lot of people,
hurrying to leave the office.

"See!" - I throw it on the go.
"Do not forget vazilin!" - She said to me and switched to talking with
his girlfriend, who was walking.

And here, many at me with interest looked at ...


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