7 greenest celebrities

Lately it has become fashionable in Hollywood to take care of the environment. In this regard, the American magazine decided to make a list of celebrities who more than any other star protect nature.

In the first place it was awarded Merit for the ecology of the actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who recently bought an apartment in New York City residential complex Riverhouse, uses the sun's energy. In addition, Leonardo organized an environmental fund and made a documentary "The Eleventh Hour" dedicated to ecology.

The environmental campaign «Act Green» Cameron Diaz attended. She also buys certificates, aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Al Gore's film about the environment, "An Inconvenient Truth", which tells about the possible consequences of global warming, won an Oscar for best documentary.

Singer Jack Jackson writes his songs in the studio, working on solar energy and built from recycled materials. His upcoming tour he plans to carry out under the banner of environmental protection.

Brad Pitt promotes his project «Global Green USA Holy Cross», aimed at supporting the environment. It is engaged in the construction of new environmentally friendly homes in New Orleans, devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Hayden Panettiere for its active environmental stance even got arrested - in October 2007, she, together with other conservationists tried to stop the hunting of dolphins and whales in Japan. A month later, the environmental organization PETA gave Hayden for this award. Besides Hayden - vegetarian.

Not paid attention to the compilers of the list and socialite Paris Hilton. It recently changed its SUV Range Rover on hybrid Ford. "I believe that the future of hybrid cars", - said Hilton.

The rating was published in the journal «Us Magazine».


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