In the northern ridge of the Eastern Caribbean islands is St Maarten. Its northern part belongs to France and South - Netherlands. During World War II, the island was built airfield, which is now the Princess Juliana International Airport - now it is considered to be the busiest airport in the Caribbean.
And being in very close proximity to the airport Maho Beach Resort many was referred to as "the world's best place to observe the aircraft»

They planes come in to land over the sea, fly over the strip of beach, then on the highway (where posted signs, warning about a very low-flying aircraft) and immediately - immediately - hit the runway.

It starts immediately behind the fence. Its length is approximately 2130 meters, which for heavy aircraft such as the 747's, is not enough - they have 2, 5 thousand at least
But there is nothing to do: another airport that can take large ships on the island of St. Martin is simply no (there is, however, another airfield for small aircraft).

Of course, it's going to look at the mass of onlookers. Armed with alcohol, young people hanging on the fence and watching. Police on is no longer paying attention
And gatherings take place at both ends of the band, because ups, according to some, looks spectacular

So, come to the island especially fans of this kind of spectacles and sensations. However, at the invitation of Maho Beach Resort you will, most likely, not a word about boarding the plane did not find.
The reason is obvious - the tourists are going to stay in paradise, and not to live on the runway. Once or twice it gape, perhaps great, but several times a day? Quite noisy, it should be.


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