Business cards will soon go into the past

In the near future the traditional exchange of business cards can go into the past, thanks to a Japanese novelty called Handshake Ring. Invention, the winner among the most promising and talented designers from around the world, makes the exchange of information through the usual handshake. The ring works complete with stand-alone digital card that stores all your personal information, as well as a database of those people with whom you have already produce information exchange. The more often you meet with them, the more information will be stored on the media. All this data, if you wish, you can share with other owners of this device.

Remarkable is that the Handshake Ring does not work on batteries. Because of their insecurities and burdens of various wires and cables, Japanese designers Hideaki Matsui, Dong Ho and Wang Yong Park made it possible for the device solely by body heat.

To the delight of the producers of ubiquitous business cards, novelty will be available no earlier than 10 years


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