Large LCD TVs are not wanted

Manufacturers of LCD TVs have not been able to guess desires of buyers: relying on models with large diagonals, they were surprised to find that the TV with a diagonal to 32 inches enjoy higher demand. In addition, the recently increased sales of so-called moniTV - hybrid displays high-definition TVs. According to experts, the future - yet it is for the big screen. By the end of 2008 the cost of a 40-inch LCD TV will fall below $ 1,000, and this will significantly increase the demand for them.

Guess what, like the buyer, it is difficult: the problem is solved thousands of heads all over the world, but to find the right answer does not always work. Such a situation exists in the LCD TV market. According to the forecasts of manufacturers, with prices falling LCD TVs larger diagonals have been more willing to be bought, but surprisingly been found that the first from the shelves of retail stores disappear small models, reports Reuters.

Manufacturers had high hopes for 40-inch TVs in the belief that they will bring them a lot of profit. They even began to compete, who will produce more of these TVs. However, the favorites of the race determined the time they become suppliers of producing small screens - a Taiwanese company AU Optronics, as well as those companies that have focused on the Chinese market, including South Korea's LG Display.

In an era of mass transfer from the old CRT TVs new LCD, residents of China, India and Russia to buy a model with a diagonal length of 32 inches, inclusive up, as they are most optimal from an economic point of view to replace end-of-age devices.

According to Lehman Brothers, last year, the most popular for the replacement of CRT TV LCD TVs turned to 32-inch, they had sold about 100 mln. Pieces. "Today, the 32-inch TV cover almost one third of the market - shared at the event organized by the agency Reuters, the representative of LG Display Champ Shin (Champ Shin). - Until recently, most of the LCD manufacturers concentrated solely on the long diagonal. Now, however, the demand for such panels falls. "

Ask long diagonal falls, but it is only until they are dropped the price

Increased sales of large-format LCD displays high-resolution, which are increasingly used for movies and television. Digital broadcasting blurs the line between traditional TVs and monitors. Increasingly purchases are subject to so-called moniTV - hybrid displays high-definition TVs that have built-in tuner.

According to the CEO of AU Optronics HB Chen (HB Chen), in 2009, sales of these devices can increase by more than 2 times - up to 50 mln. Pieces. "These monitors have a high quality picture. MoniTV segment will grow, "- he concluded. According to executive vice president Paul Peng AU Optronics (Paul Peng), 19-inch models will become mainstream.

However, experts are in no hurry to bury the large TVs. In the future, prices will fall, and buyers still will give priority to large diagonals. "Would you like to have moniTV in your living room? I think there is - says fund manager National Investment Trust Nigel Lee (Nigel Le). - To dominate in the future will still be a large device ».

According to analysts, by the end of 2008, 40-inch LCD TV will cost less than $ 1000, which will lead to a significant increase in demand. The company Sony, for example, has reduced the value of some of its TVs by 30% this quarter. "In 2010, the 40-, 42-, and 32-inch models will take the dominant part of the global market", - says analyst Jeff Kim (Jeff Kim) of Hyundai Securities. "With each generation will increase the diagonal. I do not know what is its limit, "- adds CEO Mike Splinter, Applied Materials (Mike Splinter).

According to iSuppli, in 2007 the world has sold 78, 5 million. LCD televisions. This year, this value will increase to 100 million. Units in 2012 to 194 million sold. TVs with liquid crystal.


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