Black Star club: season premiere

June of this year will be marked by loud premiere night in the life of Moscow. At the heart of the capital will open a new trendy night club Black Star club. At least, these are the ambitions of its founders say - singer Timati and his longtime friend Pasha.

On the roof of the "European" - one of the largest shopping centers in Moscow are 3 conceptual space night club Black Star club a total area of ​​1830 square meters: Actually the nightclub, a restaurant and a summer terrace La Terrasse. The inspiration for the new center of the glamorous night life of the capital served as a famous VIP Room in Saint-Tropez and the legendary Nikki Beach.

The new club is different corner configurations with a large stage in the center and is designed for 1,000 visitors. It has two large VIP-zone with a separate entrance and cloakroom, as well as private super VIP-room, which is located right at the scene. On each side of the stage placed huge LED screens on the stage - lighting Jambi. Rounding out the attributes of the club's unique sound from the Ministry of Sound. In the coming months, "try" this scene will be Snoop Dog, Sean Paul, Akon, famous DJs Jake-La Cave, Tiesto, frequenter of the French Club FG DJ David Guetta and many other legends of world club scene.

Promoters have already reported that the Black Star club will apply a system of double face-control. Check for reliability and friendliness will first be at the entrance to the porch, and then - while trying to get himself in a nightclub.

The main attraction of the restaurant will be a spectacular panorama that opens from its large windows. It will serve meals and classic European fashion of Japanese cuisine. The average bill in this institution will be about 1,500 rubles.

Complex Black Star club is designed for the "golden youth" and inveterate clubbers.


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