Cruise ship Prince Albert II: The Royal vacation on the water

More and more people planning their holidays, prefer not to stay in one place, but travel around the world the best beaches on the personal yacht. Own ship - prestigious, but gives a lot of trouble, so very popular rental. Today, you can relax even on a yacht stars, but there is more unique offers. How about a trip on a ship under the flag of the royal person?

"The most luxurious ship for cruises of the ones that I've ever seen" - is a resounding description given Moroccan Prince Albert II at the official launch of a new ship cruise company SilverSea, named after him.

Flotilla SilverSea has an excellent reputation. Her clients, traveling around the world, the most favorite place on earth is called the ships of the company.

The ship Prince Albert II, previously went out to sea under the name WorldDiscoverer, was bought by the famous flotilla SilverSea in September last year and completely renovated. In the restyled interior Korablin millions of dollars have been spent, with a clearance fit in all seriousness: a vessel designed for wealthy travelers, adventurers who want to visit the most exotic places (eg, in Antarctica) without any constraint relating to comfort. In addition to the elegant furnished cabins on board the vessel has a theater, a library and internet center.

The first cruise will leave the royal handsome today. It is known that one day stay will cost guests on board at about $ 3800 dollars, which include more and coastal excursions. The first season will be marked for the Prince Albert II sailing past the coast of Iceland, Greenland, Belize, Costa Rica, South America, Antarctica, and in the waters of the Gulf of California.


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