Top 6 most expensive divorces

"People meet, people vlyublinyutsya marry ...", and then another, and sometimes divorced. Of course, do not want to end this in advance to anyone, except that the calculating fraudsters and fraud, but such is life. Some are divided in a divorce slippers, and dog beds, and some have to open tight wallets and pay millions of dollars allegedly former mate. Over the past 25 years, these 6 divorce became the most expensive in the world.

1. In the first place, a broken heart, and much thinner wallet Michael Jordan. Basketball duly parted with half the state, and it exceeds the sum of 300 million dollars. So consider how much went to Juanita Vana.

2. Neil Diamond is not far from fellow sufferers. Composer separated smoothly from 150 000 million, a little more and look, the first place would be divided.

3. At the last place in the top three of the famous director, a legend Steven Spielberg generations. Once all very famous people with their wives especially unlucky, they would have no high-profile divorces glory enough, but apparently quite forget the affairs of the family. So, Spielberg gave actress Amy Irving 100 million.

4. And here is another very famous and very business man - Harrison Ford. His wife after 18 years of marriage decided it has the right to the lion's share of her husband and has seized $ 90 million. But, with what scope ex-husband pointed this divorce.


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