Anna Semenovich will conduct the program

Over the tempting offer of a vacant role
Telenjanja Semenovich thought seriously. Even beginning
to think of how to push his numerous tours to squeeze
in his busy schedule the next recording.

The creators of the most famous programs for children of domestic TV "Good night, kids!" Was invited to the role of one of the leading singer Anna Semenovich, famous for its outstanding qualities.

However, the current leaders of the program Anna Mikhalkov and Oxana Fedorova shoot from the air no one is going. Anna Semenovich if all negotiations completed the signing of the contract, will simply become the third leading.

Anna Mikhalkov, published recently re-married to her first husband, wants to spend more time with his family, about the same dreams and the new-found the wife of a German businessman Oksana Fedorova. Therefore, the management of the channel has decided to take on the role of another leading Anna Semenovich, reports «LIFE.Ru».

"We all lead very beautiful - say in the management of the program. - People need to see the beauty of childhood ».

"Yes, I would like to become the leader of this program, - said S., - but my producer will decide."


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