Goes Gold River

It seems that some people do not know that from the good deed goes unpunished, and that there is no limit to perfection. Otherwise, why would they need to complicate an already difficult, to improve the already remarkable, and even more expensive to do so and expensive thing.

However, without these aspirations, life would be boring and monotonous. And so is born every day something new, streamlined, more beautiful and amazing.
At this time, we have to wonder the most expensive vehicles in the world. Moreover, in the range of up to an impressive bike light vehicles.


Car carved ivory

It is surprising the very fact that the machine is completely carved from ivory. However, this Chinese maestro Su Zhongyang was not enough - and he stoned a car with gold and diamonds. When he decided that his creation is still not perfect, the car decorated 99th happy, according to Chinese belief, dragons. In addition to ivory, bone used in yak, so that in the end cost of the machine is $ 2.7 million. Two tons of "live weight».


Gold Bentley

The machine is not only easy, but also gold. Just for representatives of the golden youth, to demonstrate its relevance and originality, and literally and figuratively get-togethers, and shine in the eyes of the beautiful ladies. Sakura on the "facade" - a sure sign that the creators of this masterpiece - the Japanese. By the way, a well-known specialist in the country tuning Nakamura Tetsuei hand cars painted with gold paint. A precious exclusive handmade always appreciated by several orders of magnitude more expensive.


My Dear "elderly»

Vip-in circles, it has become fashionable to acquire exclusive antiquities for interior decoration. Therefore, any very rare thing now risen in price. A precious "package" it will cost no more expensive than the example. A couple of years ago in Bucharest I had a shock when the streets drove Volkswagen Beetle, 1968 release. In excellent condition, but still covered in gold highest order, absolutely all. The price devaysa story modestly silent.



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