Sponge tube, a kiss on a stick

I love creative fun stuff! Such are fun and a little pointless. Typically, they are perfectly cheer up, and it does not require large investments.

Here, for example, tube with a kiss. An indispensable thing as a children's party like a birthday, and the adult party or corporate parties. It is no secret that adults often behave like children, and even play in children's toys, from which long ago grew.

However, everything is back: and fashion, and preferences, and children's hobbies. That is why overgrown uncle and tetechki enthusiastically jumping on the trampoline, playing hopscotch, sea battle and run cars on the radio.
"Sponges straw", but rather, on the sponge tube, not a supernova but sverhzabavnoe invention. I think that positive emotions this device certainly give all those present at the event. And how much would be fun photos!


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