The American was replaced in two days 39,250 seats in the stadium

A resident of the Californian city of Anaheim Jim Pyurol broke the world record, finishing in 48 hours 39,250 seats in the stadium Rose Bowl.

However, Pyurol not rest on its laurels and continues to change from place to place, hoping by the end of the week to take all the 92,542 seat stadium.

He began his move on Monday. 56-year-old record-holder argues that the Rose Bowl stadium he likes even though that is not very clean seats already heavily soiled his clothes.

According to the Pasadena Weekly, champion spends transplanted from place to place 12 hours a day, making only short breaks. At night, he sleeps in the locker room.

Jim Pyurol already got 22 times in the book of Guinness. In particular, reports Associated Press, he set a world record, finishing 107501 place at the stadium at Michigan State University. In addition, Pasadena Weekly writes that once Pyurol shoved in his mouth a record number of cocktail sticks - 280 pieces.


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