10 principles of each sign of the zodiac


1. It is better not to argue with me.

2. Please do, then - think about it.

3. Where the remaining brake, I press on the gas.

4. I will be forever young.

5. Do as I do, because it is better to not do well.

6. The most difficult thing - to listen to the interlocutor to finish.

7. Stubbornness - not a vice.

8. It is easy to control the situation, more difficult - their emotions.

9. A ram - well, two ram - a lot.

10. The first no-hitter. But God forbid I hurt.


1. Do not feel sorry for the money to buy, I am sorry to bash.

2. I do not need someone else, I do not touch mine.

3. bad peace is better than a good quarrel.

4. Do not bother someone who is well settled.

5. Better sofa beautiful than a beautiful sunset.

6. Food - a piece serёznaya.

7. Tender calf sucks two queens.

8. When you go second, saving power.

9. I hate disposable lighters!

10. Taster - that's my true calling


1. Today I did not like yesterday.

2. Who controls the situation, he owns the characteristics of this accomodation.

3. A two heads are better than one, especially when both belong to the same person.

4. Figaro here, Figaro there.

5. The idea as well as other products of should not zalezhatsya.

6. One TV, phone in the house - good, but three is better.

7. Who did not, that was late.

8. move through life like a scooter through the water - not ugublinyus, but quickly.

9. At the market "for the market" does not answer.

10. I like the number because the quality is not enough time.


1. My house - my fortress.

2. nursed with others - this is my true calling.

3. It would be nice to stock up on everything, and patience and jam.

4. Everything comes to those who wait.

5. With friends meet at home, not in the cafe.

6. nothing so warms the soul as a kind of stuffed refrigerator.

7. It is better to dig, but the decent thing to buy.

8. It's hard to live where there is no place to hide.

9. I am for myself its past as a backpack.

10. Is twenty years can wear out a coat?


1. I will lead you into the distance light.

2. It is better to have poderzhku than receive it.

3. Pleasant manner - half the battle.

4. The sun shines Lions.

5. Beautiful plaque on the door of the office is more important than a high salary.

6. I like to earn good money, and even more - to spend.

7. The piano in the house better than the piano, even to him who does not play.

8. Despite their friendly appearance, I am at heart a dictator.

9. If you do - so in great.

10. Why do you need sun, if I'm with you ????


1. Patience and a little effort.

2. Modesty adorns not only the girl, but the maiden.

3. Everyone lives for themselves, but to serve others.

4. The procedure is needed everywhere: in my thoughts and in the kitchen.

5. Show me a strictly logical that we made for each other.

6. crooked hanging shelf drives me crazy.

7. In large scales, I am lost.

8. It is difficult to extract the bones from a bucket of cherries.

9. Each class lives Virgo lady.

10. Amanita certainly need to strike the eye, and the white mushroom - and so well.


1. Without partner - as without hands.

2. The most opposite - to argue.

3. Win agreement.

4. The principal are only fools.

5. involving anyone, anything.

6. Beauty will save the world.

7. Everything should be done in the mood.

8. The most difficult thing - to make a choice.

9. Do not over all "and" it is necessary to put points.

10. I myself sometimes do not know why I'm white or red.


1. Too bad nobody sting.

2. Each event like the sofa: it must be hidden spring.

3. For a smile to be a serious reason.

4. You can be free from it all, but not by his own passions.

5. I sing a song of love on the battlefield.

6. Do not just survive my opinion.

7. My passion rarely go out, like a shark, which rarely comes to the surface.

8. The world is lost without knights.

9. There are still on the ground Othello!

10. I look like a cactus - my fabulous flower opens for the elite.


1. A good man should be a lot.

2. Who should I, forgive all.

3. Best vacation - round the world trip.

4. The main problem in - its scale.

5. My ideal - Ivan Tsarevich.

6. nevozvozhno me angry.

7. remorse - what is it ???

8. Mandatory decorates only mediocre people.

9. Worry beforehand is stupid, we shall understand by the situation.

10. It is not a mandatory one simply has to be mandatory.


1. I am not a sprinter, not even long-distance runner. I'm a marathon runner.

2. And one soldier in the field.

3. Do not violate the law - another will come down, and you get caught.

4. For myself I need very little. My property - it is simply a mirror of my success.

5. Life is like a train, which arrives at each station on schedule.

6. It's nice to talk about faraway countries, sitting at home.

7. This Capricorn, like cognac, different shutter speeds.

8. It is worth a lifetime to climb to the top, that would spit out once down.

9. Only I am young with age.

10. I'm going - food, do not whistle, but as naedyatsya - not deflated.


1. How boring to be like the others!

2. If I come up with you, become such as I want.

3. Prejudice - the lot of fools.

4. The future is bound to be just fine.

5. It is difficult to be an angel, but - it is necessary.

6. good intentions is more important than good works.

7. In order to be an innovator, you must first forget about tradition.

8. -

9. At first, friends, family and then you ... unless of course there is time.

10. I do not have good, no, I was more cheerful.


1. sympathize more important than help.

2. I can not give up the alcohol like a fish to water.

3. The procedure came up with boring people.

4. Do not put off till tomorrow what you can do the day after.

5. You never know what I can promise ...

6. Work in a hurry - the same thing to swallow without chewing.

7. Ready to understand everyone but themselves.

8. Willow bends in a storm, and the oak falls.

9. Everyone knows that I'm always busy, but few know what it was.

10. Do not put pressure on me, and then uskolznu like a fish out of the hands!


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