Results of the 4th day of the Olympic Games

August 12 at the Beijing Olympics have been played 19 sets of medals. The main heroes of the day were Russian fighters Nazir Mankiev and Islam-Beka an album for his team won the first gold medal. Another award the Russian team brought swimmer Arkady Vyatchanin, who won bronze at the distance of one hundred meters backstroke.

The main event of the day.

The main event for all Russian fans have become two gold medals won by our fighters. The Russian national team is clearly beginning to gain momentum and win medals. In the overall team standings we now occupy 6 stuyu position. Ahead of us, Italy and Australia, whose three "gold". And there to South Korea, which is five top awards and we are already in the top three. In general, the question is not whether we find ourselves in the middle three. There can be no doubt. The national team of South Korea, which is now ranked third, has developed almost all their "medal potential." The main intrigue of the Olympic Games in how to distribute seats in the top three among Russian China and the US.
Speaking of the United States for them this day was no less successful than for our team. The main hope of Americans, basketball team, and swim back to win. Michael Phelps, to win and become one of the most decorated athletes in the history of the Olympic movement.

The main surprise.

The main surprise of the day was the bronze athlete from Togo Benjamin Bukpeti competitions in slalom. Bukpeti occupying 56th place in the world, any time at all in the lead in the race.

A bad day

Failed day was for our men's team gymnastics. The scandal within the team, the recriminations and second place in the competition marred picture of Russian success at the Olympics.
Team Great Britain gets back our list of losers. British athlete Tina Cook because of an unfortunate error in the end, became only the third in the jumping competition.

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