10 interesting facts about the 2012 Summer Olympics


A few interesting facts about the upcoming Olympic Games in London, which will be held from July 27 to August 12, 2012.

1. London will become the first city in the history of the Olympic Games, which will take the Summer Olympics for the third time. Olympics twice already performed in London in 1908 and 1948.

2. The organizers of the Olympic Games in London in 2012 seeking to make them more environmentally friendly as possible. During this time it was planted about half a million new trees, 75% of all buildings will remain and will be used for housing, and the participants will be arriving on the subway, not the machines. Most of the waste will be reused, and the remaining material is not recyclable, will be used to generate electricity.

3. Olympic Stadium 2012 Games designed for 80 000 seats and it is the easiest stadium in Olympic history. In its construction it was used about 10 000 tons of steel, making it 75 percent lighter than the Olympic Stadium in Beijing.

4. for the London Olympics in 2012, McDonald's opened its largest restaurant in the world. A huge two-storey building can accommodate 1500 visitors on two floors and is served by 500 employees. During the games will run three restaurants McDonald's, and after 6 weeks, they will be dismantled. Most of the furniture and equipment will be reused.

5. The emblem of the 2012 Olympics was designed by Wolff Olins, and it cost 400,000 pounds. It has been repeatedly criticized because some people thought that it resembles a swastika. Iran said that boycotting the Olympic Games in London, as the logo resembles the word »Zion», synonymous with the city of Jerusalem.

6. Olympic Mascots to inspire young people to play sports, but many people find them at this time is quite frightening for children. Games mascots have become one-eyed characters Wenlock and Mandeville, are born from the "last drops of steel" Olympic Stadium. The organizers of the Olympic mascots rejected many proposals, such as animation maker, fluffy lions, pigeons in Trafalgar Square and Big Ben with arms and legs, giving the advantage of a one-eyed creatures.

7. Organizers expect more tweets, publications, videos and photos from the London Olympic Games than ever. For comparison, the last Olympics in Beijing, on Twitter, there were 6 million users, a Facebook 100 million. Today, that number has increased to 140 million on Twitter, and to 900 million for Facebook.

8. Stricker, that is, those who love to take off all my clothes and run naked through a public place will be punished at the games. Anyone who would run around without panties, faces a fine of up to 20 000 pounds sterling. But the point is not that the British are too prim and strict about nudity. The penalty imposed in order to prevent the emergence of advertising, which often depict naked runners on his body.

9. for the London Olympic and Paralympic Games will be released 4700 medals. Medals 2012 Olympic Games will be the most severe in the history of the Olympic Games. Their weight will be up to 400 grams.

10. Prior to the end of June 2012 has sold more than 7 million, ie 80 percent of all tickets Olympics. The most expensive tickets cost more than £ 2,000 for the best seats at the opening ceremony, and the most inexpensive cost 20 pounds. If you can not buy tickets for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, you still have the opportunity to look at some sports, including road cycling, triathlon, marathon and race walking.

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