Netbooks conquer the world

Over the next 4 years the market mini laptops (netbooks) will grow by 10 times. At the same time the largest share of sales will come from the mass of consumers. In this regard, vendors will start improving the models, make them more attractive and easier to use.

In the period from 2008 to 2012. worldwide sales of netbooks will increase 10 times, reports DigiTimes citing a study Gartner. This year, the world will be sold to 5, 2 million mini-notebooks in 2009 - 8 million, and in 2012 achieved sales of small laptops value of 50 million units. We are talking about laptops with screen sizes from 5 to 10 inches, which are running a full Windows XP operating system or Linux. Gartner analysts avoid the term "netbook", however, in this report we are talking about such computers. Recall that this term was introduced by Intel in early 2008, and represents a small notebook, intended mainly for Internet access.

"The increase in demand is due to several factors - says a senior Gartner analyst Annette Jump (Annette Jump). - Firstly, these computers are attractive because they have a small size, and secondly, low weight, and, thirdly, the low price. Finally, they are easy to use. Furthermore, although they have a base, but it is sufficient functionality. " These computers allow you to surf the Internet, use e-mail, chat networks, instant messaging to stay in touch with friends and family, but also to store and share photos and so on - the scope of application is very wide, the expert said.

Initially, these laptops (all known projects OLPC XO and Classmate PC) have been calculated on the education segment, but in the last year and a half of their customers and become massive users. According to analysts, in the final analysis, the greatest part of these computers will be bought by ordinary people - they have about 70% of all sales. At the same time to buy mini-notebooks will be like those who do not have computers, and those who already have one or more PCs. It is expected that vendors will spend more time on the development of attractive design and simple-to-learn interface.

Despite fears of market participants, analysts Gartner does not believe that the high demand for mini-laptops will have a negative impact on the sales of conventional laptops, as between the two categories of computers, there is a significant gap in the functionality and performance - a situation seen in 2008-2009. In 2010, according to analysts, mini-laptops will cannibalize (eat) the market for cheap mobile PCs. If by 2011 the netbooks will have sufficient capacity, they can invade and corporate segment.

Gartner analysts recommend computer manufacturers not to miss the netbook market, but do it the basic rate is not worth it. Vendors need to exercise greater care in positioning their products and distribution channels, in particular, over the next 12-14 months.


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