Cruel accident (6 photos)

At the time of arrival of the correspondent of "Druha Smuha" car vertically protruding from the asphalt. From hitting the car crumpled as if it is specially cut in half. As it turned out, it is really "chipped", and legs sticking out of the car - just a dummy, fortunately. After this psevdoavariya not nothing like drawing, organized the program "Car».

And even on this, we first had no idea what he saw and reacted to with the utmost seriousness. What was the reaction of passing drivers? Watch out for the next few releases "Fleet" ... Do not miss!

We can add that the vast majority of them after seeing drove very carefully and without traffic violations, even knowing that this is just a "divorce". Perhaps the traffic police should think not only about installing cardboard patrol cars on the roads, but also on the plaster casts terrible accident?


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