Mysteries of hurnala Murzilki

20 years ago clever uncle and aunt were puzzles for children.
Now these mysteries neither the magazine did not publish!

1) To the front pat, you have to lick the back.
2) Around the hair in the middle of the sausage.
3) Top black, inside red as zasunesh - so beautiful.
4) The hair on the hair, the body in the body and begins the dark matter.
5) That the cold, then hot, then the suspension is standing.
6) What are you looking at me? Take off your clothes, I'm yours.
7) We have guys removed, Lazimov gap in sex.
8) lies on the back of no use to anybody, leaning against the wall, it will come in handy.
9) How well you and me, when you're lying on your back.
10) Take it in your hands, squeeze it tight - and it will become elastic and solid as a turnip.
11) The red head in the hole climbs nimbly.
12) I take two hands, shove between his legs.

1) Postage stamp.
2) Corn.
3) Galoshes.
4) The lids.
5) Shower.
6) Bed.
7) Broom.
8) Stairs.
9) The hedgehog with apple.
10) Snowball.
11) Woodpecker.
12) Bike.


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