Named the country with the best internet

The US and Russia have settled down in the ranking only 16th and 17th places. Surprised researchers Latvia: she took 4th place.

According to a study commissioned by the company Cisco Systems, Sweden and the Netherlands have the highest-quality and high-speed Internet connections in Europe. The world as a leader named Japan, where much of the connections - fiber optic lines.

To assess the quality of access to the network researchers have 8 million individual tests. Experts took into account such factors as speed connection from the server to the client and back, as well as the delay time. On the basis of these three indicators, researchers calculated the overall index of the quality of the connection.

The US and Russia have settled down in the ranking of Cisco on the 16th and 17th places respectively. Relatively high levels of quality in Russia due to the availability of fiber-optic technology and high level of competition in the European part of the country.

TOP-10 list:

1. Japan
2. Sweden
3. The Netherlands
4. Latvia
5. Korea
6. Switzerland
7. Lithuania
8. Denmark
9. Germany
10. Slovenia


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