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The office of the ISP comes a girl of about twenty. Before dinner time, someone chatting on the phone with a client, someone parses the contract - in general, engaged in the business office. The girl hesitantly approaches the first that fell to the manager and said:
- Hello, I'm on the Internet.
- Do you want to connect?
- No, I'm on the job.
- As far as I know, in our department currently no vacancies. What you are going to be employed?
- I do not know.
- Okay, what are you going to do in our company?
- I do not know, I came to meet you, I know how to type on the computer, I was told that I will be working the Internet.
- Excuse me, someone?
- The Internet.
In the office, there was silence. Lyuba stopped typing a message in ICQ, and his fingers hovered over the keyboard. Olga froze with a cup of coffee halfway to his desk. Mihon on cekundu fell into a stupor, then continued to communicate with the client, but it is much quieter. Dennis smiled and said:
- Yes, yes, come to me, have a seat.
Denis worked canvassing potential customers about the connection, and hire people to work, he could not. All concerned have begun to monitor developments.
- You want to work with the Internet?
- Yes.
- Remarkably, what is your bandwidth?
The girl's eyes widened, Olga choked on coffee, Loving, shaking, put his forehead on the keyboard and grunted.
- I do not understand ...
- We need to know what your bandwidth to guess how many customers you can serve at a time.
- (???)
- How do you explain ... if you work the Internet, then you will connect customers who are you to use. The more customers you join, the better for the company. And if you have a small canal, then a lot of customers will not be able to connect, and if they can, they will be satisfied with the quality.
- Wait, what quality?
- What are you going to sell?
- Internet access.
- No, the Internet - is particular. You will sell the service. You will work with clients. Your task is to serve them, and so high quality that customers will only apply to our company. You will have to serve the customer, to do for him what he wants.
The girl shrank in his chair, thrusting her purse as a shield.
- I changed my mind, I'm going home.
- How is it that you do not even want to know the schedule of work and salary?
- No, thank you, bye.
The girl jumped up from his chair, moved back to the door, looking around in panic. Someone could still keep yourself in the hands of someone already beat in hysterics. Office work has stalled at about forty minutes.


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