Harsh Japanese tuning

Seeing something like that on the night road, unprepared viewer can, at best, fall into a stupor, and at worst - to want something similar for yourself.

Holders of minivans monsters stand out against the background of fairly traditional for Japan (and not only) lovers external body kit sports coupe. Special direction - to give minivan or minibus cosmic view belongs only to the Land of the Rising Sun - anywhere in the world no longer occurs. One of the main elements - the front bumper: he should play for the maximum size of a standard production car. Jutting forward, it forms a kind of platform, on the sides of which are attached additional decorative elements - usually sharp protrusions shipoobraznye tilted back. The same applies to the rear bumper, or rather that of his work - he may be issued a meter or even a half of the standard size. But perhaps the most impressive decoration is a "tail" is fixed in the rear of the roof - where more modest lovers external tuning minivans and station wagons mounted deflector to stall. In the case of minivans-monsters, no reasonable aerodynamic load, this design can not bear, but looks amazing, visually increasing the size of the car. Side skirts far away from ordinary overlays on thresholds - this entire design, extending the lower part of the minivan and gave it, along with other elements, the most aggressive look.


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