Kinolyapy Hollywood (10 facts)

10th place: spectacular scenes in 'Mission: Impossible 2, "in which Tom Cruise and Dugrey Scott rush on motorcycles towards each other, cling to each other in the air, fall to the ground and continue to fight, would have ended the strike force of about 350,000 newtons on square meter! 50 percent of people who have experienced a die on the spot.

9th place: In a famous scene from the old movie "Batman" Batman arm in arm with Kim Basinger coming down, but the time to let up a rope with a hook and brake sharply before the earth. In reality, such a sharp deceleration yanked to Batman's hand or at least to break it.

8th place: The "Armageddon" with Bruce Willis sent a team of drillers on the asteroid "the size of Texas" with the bomb capacity of 100 megatons. Not bad, but ... to split part of the asteroid off course and flew past the Earth, we still have roughly 80 million bombs of the same power!

7th place: Mel Gibson's "Apocalypse" Maya Indians turned into savages, and yet it was a highly developed civilization that produced great mathematicians and astronomers. Human sacrifice occurred, but only prisoners of war were killed, and by no means all. No one in the head could not come to capture the idea of ​​peaceful inhabitants of the village to a pipelined manner snatch their hearts.

6th place: In the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" from the upper atmosphere down air mass that turns to ice everything in its path. In fact, the air temperature in the troposphere is between - 45 to - 75 degrees, and, approaching the ground, air and inevitably always heated.

5th place: In the blockbuster "Independence Day," the Earth is approaching a giant alien ship, the mass of which is equal to a quarter of the mass of the moon. It goes like this monster approach to Earth it would bring more damage than any alien bombardment. In the oceans we would expect huge tidal waves. All coastal areas would be flooded with water immediately. I would not survive, and the earth's crust: the terrible earthquake would begin.

4th place: From the film "10,000 BC," we learn that the construction of the north-eastern Africa, built with the help of the mammoth. But they had never there were driven, and if there and hit, would have died from the heat.

3rd place: In the movie "300", despite the fact that it is made in the aesthetics of the movie, the king Leonidas in teeth fillings can be seen today; and other characters on the forearms - the vaccination marks.

2 Location: At the end of "Troy" Greeks during the funeral lay eyes fallen soldiers coins. The Greeks did have a custom (the soul of the deceased could pay Charon, the carrier across the river Styx), but it appeared many years after the Trojan War. And while Troy coins was not simple: metallic money was invented later!

1st place: The heroine Halle Berry of "X-Men" name Storm. It is known that can control the weather, in particular, to generate lightning. In a typical lightning energy is released in 500 million joules. This can equate to 120 000 food calories. In other words, at least once to create lightning storm should eat about 240 pre-Big Macs! During times.


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