Ten of the most pointless scientific experiments

It is well known that all the scientists a little mad, and it sometimes leads to ban the results, such as in our top ten.

10th place: Scientists at the University Eötvös Loránd in Budapest decided to find out whether the dog will be in a "collective" of the robot dog AIBO. The result of the experiment was the scientific publication, the gist of which boiled down to one thing: do not take the dog robot.

9th place: neurologist Jose Delgado of Yale University implanted electrodes in a remote-controlled brain bull to prove that the foundations of social behavior lie in electricity. In the ring, "modified" bull rushed to the scientist, but after pressing the button immediately lost interest.

8th place: The psychologist James Vicary in 1960 conducted a major comparative analysis of the psychological state of a woman giving birth and women bake a cake.

7th place: But he went down in history thanks to experiments with the 25th frame: Vicar argued that showed the 25th frame in cinemas messages "Drink Coca-Cola" and "Hungry? Eat popcorn "and this has led to an increase in sales of drinks and popcorn in the lobby theater. Later Vicary himself admitted that entirely invented this whole experience.

6th place: Experiment professor with students playing in jail, ended serious mental disorders among students and serious problems with the law of the teacher.

5th place: Experiment to disable all the senses with the help of swimming in the water in complete darkness and silence, the experimenter ended hallucinations (Lily James).

4th place: a cold study participants were forced to walk all day in wet socks and sit down after a hot shower in a cold room. The result: a runny nose has nothing to do with the low temperatures and wet feet.

3rd place: sleep research pioneer Nathaniel Kleitman and his student for a month to live in a mode 28-hour day. Nine hours they took a dream to work ten, and nine hours of free time. Scientific survived. Student - No.

2nd place: During the Soviet experiment on simulation of weightlessness, which was launched in January 1986, 11 people spent 370 days in bed. The participation fee was a car.

1st place: In 1970, at a conference held at the Medical School of the University of California, took some Myron Fox report, entitled "The mathematical theory of games and its application to training physicians." The report was a great success. A feature of the speech was the fact that the speaker was an actor who knew nothing about the subject of the report, and the report contained a large number of senseless and contradictory statements.


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