Most expensive items

Here are some pictures of people with the most expensive items that are in their house.
At least, they said. See for yourself.

Konstantin Baev, Samara region. Aquarium, 7000 rubles.

Nikandrova Galina and Gennady. Bicycling, 2500 rubles.

Arsene Vdovin, Pskov region. Mobile phone, 6000 rubles.

Olga trait, Samara region. Computer daughters, 30,000 rubles.

Uteulin Kumysay with her daughter Alina, Samara region. Refrigerator, 17,000 rubles in credit.

Natalia Stepanova and her son Anton, Pskov region. Chainsaw, 3000 rubles.

Seryakov Eugene, Samara region. TV, 4000 rubles.

Tagiyeva Nicholas and Farid, brother and sister, Saratov. Wallpaper - can not remember exactly how much cost as buying parents. But it was a lot of money, dollars 400.

Yarygin Tatyana and Michael, Samara region. Two washing machines and two refrigerators - a dowry for their daughters when they get married. Of 50 000 rubles.


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