Revered god Murugan (11 photos)

Each year, the Tamil community of Reunion expresses reverence God Muruga, holiday Kavadi.
Murugan - the son of Shiva, the head of the celestial army, the god of youth and beauty.
This festival has Hindu roots, and it begins with ten post. It is believed that this position enables fans to merge with the divine. Kavadi - a wooden structure in the form of an arch or rocker with a suspended him Semba pitchers. In milk jugs is - an offering to God Muruga.
Behind the arch there are people who call themselves penitents. Participants of the rally dressed in bright yellow clothing, many - with pierced cheeks and tongue, as it is believed that cleansed from unrighteous deeds and actions can chastise his own body.
The process does not interfere with the unbearable heat, gazes locals and tourists.


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