Trying terrorist attack in Jerusalem (5 photos)

26-year-old Palestinian al-Marie Radayda attempt made today another "bulldozer terrorist attack" - crashed into the patrol police vehicle at the intersection Golomb-Begin-Malha in Jerusalem. As a result of the collision two policemen sitting in the car, suffered minor injuries. An eyewitness of the incident told the radio station "Kol Israel" that the bulldozer picked up a car bucket and dragged him to the bus stood nearby, but bumped into a lamppost.

Witness the taxi driver said that immediately jumped out of the taxi and started to shoot at the bulldozer, and then opened fire arrived at the scene by police. The driver of the bulldozer was seriously wounded (in the photo at the top of it lies close to the tractor). The injured police officers and wounded terrorist were evacuated for medical care. On the way to the hospital bulldozer died of his wounds.

Photos: © AP Photo / Jini, Emil Salman

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