2010 in the photographs according to the Boston Globe

Let's see pictures of the outgoing 2010 by Alan Taylor from The Boston Globe.

1. Lightning beats against the backdrop of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano lava in Iceland April 17th. The volcano erupted a few weeks of ash and smoke, causing numerous delays of flights across Europe. (REUTERS / Lucas Jackson) 46,194,189

2. Christian School teacher Heather Harrell found his grandmother's Bible in flood classroom in Antioch, Tennessee, May 3. (AP Photo / The Tennessean, Shelley Mays) 21,211,858

3. The Executive Director of the company «BP» Tony Hayward is preparing for the hearing on the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in Washington on 17 June. (AP Photo / Alex Brandon) 89,170,182

4. Football fan with the flag of South Africa before the 2010 FIFA World Cup during a parade in honor of the national team of South Africa in Sandton on June 9. (Clive Mason / Getty Images)

5. Landon Donovan of the United States men's national soccer team (front from left) celebrates a goal scored with teammates Clint Dempsey (rear left) and Edson Buddle in a group C match between the United States and Algeria at the stadium «Loftus Versfeld» in Pretoria, South Africa, 23 June. (AP Photo / Michael Sohn) 16,761,944

6. The two-year-soothsayer octopus Paul predicted victory for Spain over the Netherlands by the box with the Spanish flag in the aquarium «Sea Life» in Oberhausen, Germany, July 9. Paul became a star, correctly predicted the outcome of all six matches involving the German national team, including their defeat in the first round of Serbia in the semifinals of the Spanish national team. (REUTERS / Wolfgang Rattay) 49,076,069

7. The three-year Lucas Mahuka hits the ball on the field near his home in Dipslute, north of Johannesburg. (AP Photo / Emilio Morenatti) 44,903,669

8. The plane flies against the backdrop of a rainbow over the Mediterranean in Nice, France, August 5. (AP Photo / Lionel Cironneau)

9. Tourists take pictures in the British pavilion is a structure with long acrylic rods with seeds at the end of the World Expo in Shanghai on April 14. (PHILIPPE LOPEZ / AFP / Getty Images)

10. German police pulled the woman out of the crowd in the tunnel during the festival «Love Parade» in Duisburg on 24 July. As a result of the stampede at the famous festival Techno killed 19 people after the crowd rushed into the narrow tunnel to shorten the path. (REUTERS / Daniel Naupold) 44,254,338

11. pygmy marmoset hair zookeeper near Santiago, Chile, August 3. Pygmy marmoset monkeys are considered to be the smallest in the world and are in danger of extinction. This baby clothes found among Peruvian citizen during a road inspection in the city of Antofagasta. (REUTERS / Ivan Alvarado) 62,222,764

12. Statue and a torn Thai flag in front of the shopping center of Bangkok, on fire during clashes soldiers and "Red Shirts" May 19. (REUTERS / Adrees Latif) 39,754,139

13. February 13 spacecraft "Cassini" flew to the satellite Mimas of Saturn at a distance of about 70 000 kilometers and took this amazing shot of icy satellites. In the background you can see the upper atmosphere of Saturn. (NASA / JPL / SSI) 98,165,440

14. The two-year Doal malnourished plastered with flies in the Sudanese town of Akobo hospital on 10 April. Population Akobo and the surrounding counties in Jonglei State in southern Sudan is suffering from the effects of drought and tribal conflict. Humanitarian organizations have called Akobo, "the hungriest place on earth" after a study showed that 46% of children under five suffer from malnutrition. (ROBERTO SCHMIDT / AFP / Getty Images)

15. A farmer in a field in southwest VaKini, Kansas, over which hung thunderclouds, June 20. Heavy rains, wind, hail and tornadoes hit the summer in the north-western part of Kansas. (AP Photo / The Hays Daily News, Steven Hausler) 69,305,559

16. Pilot Capt. Brian Bucy when ejected with a parachute, a second before his plane the CF-18 has fallen to the ground during a training flight at the airport in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada on July 23. (AP Photo / The Canadian Press, Lethbridge Herald, Ian Martens) 16,687,741

17. After months of heavy rains across Europe, a wave of floods. In the photo: the peasants help the horse to jump on a boat in the village Yulish, Poland, on the Vistula River, May 24. (JANEK SKARZYNSKI / AFP / Getty Images)

18. 36-year-old Ming Sokreun - victim of a crime with the use of acid - to a charitable organization in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on August 1. She was attacked right outside her home, because of the huge amount of acid spilled on her, she was blind and received numerous wounds on his face. She was operated on 20 times. Sokreun divorced, but the wife of her ex-husband jealous it to her and poured acid on her face. Sokreun - one of the 270 patients charity CASC, helping victims of acid in Cambodia since 2006. (Paula Bronstein / Getty Images)

19. antiglobalist demonstrators following the tactics of "Black Bloc" and throws a chair through the window cafe «Tim Horton's» during the protests against the G-20 summit in Toronto on June 26. (Simon Hayter / Getty Images)

20. Chinese firefighters Zhen Chzhanhon (center) and Khan Syansen (top right) trying to save his friend Zhang Lian (visible only hand) from the oil spill during the clean-up operations the port of Dalian on July 20. Unfortunately, the fire drowned. (REUTERS / Jiang He / Greenpeace) 97,705,393

21. Cyclists, including Mark Kavedisha (third from right) fell near the finish line on the fourth stage of the Tour of Switzerland from Schwarzenburg to Wettingen on 15 June. (REUTERS / Christian Hartmann) 53,148,197

22. Dancing in the rain boy in the streets of Havana on July 19. (REUTERS / Desmond Boylan) 87,768,530

23. Hundreds of forest fires walked through the central region of Russia. This summer was the hottest in the last 130 years. In the photo: the Russians are trying to stop the fire near the village of Golovanov, Ryazan region, August 5. (NATALIA KOLESNIKOVA / AFP / Getty Images)

24. In July, Pakistan began one of the strongest in the history of the flood, which lasted several months - almost one-fifth of the country was under water. Photo: Flood victim Mohammed Nawaz holds on to the raft during the evacuation in Sukkur August 10th. (Paula Bronstein / Getty Images)

25. Residents of Pakistani villages stretching for food and water, which they shed their military helicopter, Kot Addu in on 7 August. (AP Photo / Khalid Tanveer) 64,343,633

26. Soldiers evacuated an elderly man from the flooded region in Sanave August 5. (REUTERS / Stringer) 89,295,445

27. Smoke from the car of the Spanish pilot Jaime on the track «Hungaroring» in Budapest during the Hungarian Grand Prix Formula 1, August 1. (ATTILA KISBENEDEK / AFP / Getty Images)

28. US Marines Afghan detainee at the entrance to the bunker in Marzhahe, Helmand province, on 7 April. Afghan soldiers arrested near the scene of a roadside bomb with a fake Pakistani passport, two Afghan identity cards, wire with batteries, an old rifle and pamphlets "Taliban." (MAURICIO LIMA / AFP / Getty Images)

29. Lance Corporal Nathan McCormack sends a flag Phillip Servinovski (center) - the father killed Lance Corporal Timothy J.. Servinovski, at the funeral in Tonawanda, NY, June 26. The mother of the deceased Sally Urban thanked the soldier, who brought home the body of her son. Servinovski killed June 21 while serving in Afghanistan's Helmand province. (AP Photo / Robert Kirkham) 51,006,810

30. Sergeant Jonathan Duralde (right) and Sgt Louis Gamarra try together to overcome the pain, as long as they provide medical care after a bomb explosion in a helicopter near Kandahar, June 25th. (Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)

31. The first of the 140,000 music fans arrived at the festival "Glastonbury" in Pilton on June 23. This year the festival celebrated its 40th anniversary. (Matt Cardy / Getty Images)

32. A girl stands on the installation titled "Sex," a South Korean artist Before Ho-su at the International Fair of Fine Arts in Hong Kong on 28 May. (AP Photo / Kin Cheung) 96,200,999

33. Bull stabbed throat Spanish bullfighter Hulion Aparicio during a bullfight in Madrid on May 21. Aparicio underwent surgery, he soon recovered. (AP Photo / Domingo Botan) 43,526,723

34. An Afghan boy prepares to throw the ball during a game of cricket on the ruins of the house, which used to be a factory for the production of forest products in the late 80s, on the outskirts of Kabul, 14 May. (MAURICIO LIMA / AFP / Getty Images)

35. A huge hole after a heavy storm Agatha in Guatemala, 30 meters wide and 60 meters deep. This sinkhole swallowed a sewing factory, and there it is 4 km from the place of formation of a funnel three years earlier. Garment factory closed one hour before the fall to the ground. (REUTERS / Casa Presidencial) 48,084,054

36. Rebel is covered by a door from the police during a demonstration in an informal settlement near Pretoria on March 23. South African police fired buckshot to disperse the demonstrators threw stones at them, and rob the store, protesting against poor living conditions and lack of railway communication. (Reuters / Stringer) 59,288,668

37. Fire and smoke a few seconds after the crash at the entrance to Denali National Park in Alaska, August 1st. The accident killed two people. (AP Photo / William Rice / Fairbanks Daily News Miner) 66,363,351

38. A woman kisses a distorted body of his 4-year-old niece, Zainab, who died in a terrorist attack in Baghdad, before the burial in Najaf on 21 June. The child died with his family - his parents and sister - in suicide attacks in the commercial part of Baghdad. (AP Photo / Alaa al-Marjani) 91,987,723

39. Jon Banner Balan lost on his surfboard in the first round of the competition, "Mavericks" in Half Moon Bay, California, February 13. (AP Photo / Ben Margot) 59,495,996

40. A girl posing in front of her mother Chinese Pavilion at the World Expo in Shanghai on 25 April. (REUTERS / Aly Song) via bigpicture.ru


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