Unusual Zoo - Lujan Zoo in Argentina (6 photos)

Lujan Zoo - unusual Zoo, 50 miles from Buenos Aires (Argentina).
This zoo zoo can not be called in our understanding. There you can touch, caress, feed almost all animals, geese, ducks, goats, sheep go under your feet, sitting on the trees huge parrots who sit on the arm. You can go into the cage with the tigers, lions and pumas and pet them. You can approach them from behind the back and stroking until the caretaker feeds them milk. They were born at the zoo, they are two years old (young) are used to human hands, so these wild animals are tame. The entrance ticket to the zoo is worth our money 160 rubles. There's even possible to arrive with a tent and stay overnight at the zoo. There is a pool, which was built for the fur seals, but for whatever criteria he has not approached them and now there for swimming.


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