Carps to spawn! (5 photos)

Any angler will confirm that the carp (or carp) - very cautious fish with any hint of danger immediately disappears from sight. But when it comes to spawn in shallow backwaters, the whole given lust and nothing it does not take up as ...
Every year in late May, I have the pleasure of watching this unforgettable sight. The best would be to videotape, as the word is difficult to describe, and photo essay does not pull to show what is happening on the lake at this time. Literally worth the noise from constant bursts. And all this in packs of 3 to 20+ fishes weighing 3-12kg each. If you sit quietly, in a fit of passion the whole flock can stumble on a boat and "ram" it with their foreheads. In the best case, just sprinkle.


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