Whose daughter is this pretty girl?

Her name Bindi, named in honor of a loved pet - a crocodile.
What do you think, who is the father of this pretty girl?

This daughter of Steve Irwin - known Australian naturalist who unfortunately died during the filming of September 4, 2006.

September 4, 2006 at 11 am Steve Irwin went diving under water to remove large hvostokolov the Great Barrier Reef. He was collecting material for his next film "Deadly creatures of the ocean." Leading many times down to the slopes. In principle, this predator is rarely truly dangerous to humans: the coast of Australia recorded only two cases of the death of tourists stung slopes. One of the fish attacked the lead when he was over it. Scat lifted its tail with a poisonous stinger on the end and hit them in the chest Steve. Sting hit right in the chest naturalist. The operator, which sailed after Steve Irwin, filmed his death on videotape. Later, she was transferred to the wife of Steve - Terry, she decided to destroy it.

Source: www.listal.com


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