Royal Palace, Bangkok (20 photos)

Attraction, which feels obliged to visit every self-respecting Thai tourist. Therefore, a lot of people here, and around the countless multitudes of locals who are trying to make a profit. But the place is stunningly beautiful, and to wade through a crowd of sellers and touts.

I must say that while we leisurely and staring at the sides of the palace walking up to us at the 5 people and everyone said that the palace is closed today / output / sanitary day / king resting, etc., that they were going to offer us instead of visiting the palace, we decided not to find out (in principle, it was clear that this would be a shop / bar / restaurant / market / taxi) and firmly and purposefully stomped to the main entrance. Of course the palace was open (to tourists operates weekends and holidays until 15:00). On the territory can not be in shorts, bare shoulders and back, in shoes with open heel. These problems are solved immediately on the adjacent rynochke where one can easily get the right clothes for hire.


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