The first web server in the world (3 photos)

The world's first web server - it is with this computer (there were such workstations NeXT Cube, which, incidentally, created the legendary DOOM) began the history of the World Wide Web. Hard to believe, but this little box has turned the whole world, and it does not sound pompous - and it really is.

Twenty years ago, in 1989, the European Laboratory for Nuclear Research (CERN, it was there that created the Large Hadron Collider) system architect Tim Berners-Lee proposed a global hypertext project, now known as the World Wide Web, and first appeared on the Internet site of August 6, 1991 year.

Here you are reading these lines, and it's all thanks to him, and, of course, Tim Berners-Lee.

The next two images show a graphical representation of the Internet looks like now.


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