Amazing beautiful underwater world (12 photos)

Under the water there is a wonderful world, not like the one on the surface. Here, the rules and conditions for survival. However, apart from the dangers of this world is fraught with unprecedented beauty and uniqueness, which is not found on land. Here are some photos taken in various parts of our planet, which show an unusual and delightful sea creatures.

1. Shark begins to consider the victim approximately five meters. From a distance it is only the victim feels and hears. (WIlly Volk)

2. Now in the world there are about 25 000 different species of fish. (fito_fuente)

3. Sea anemones - a detachment of marine coelenterates Class coral polyps (Anthozoa), deprived of mineral skeleton. Typically, single forms. Most anemones - sessile organisms that live on solid ground. (creativity +)


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