The aircraft attack birds (3 photos)

Rare shot-plane crashes in birds. This is very dangerous, saying the doctor of technical sciences Yuriy Ovcharenko.

 - With enormous speed of modern jet airliners bird the size of a duck in accordance with the laws of physics
It is transformed into a sort of feathered projectile that hit heavy-duty (bulletproof) windshield
cockpit 3 centimeters thick, which is equivalent to a pressure of 300 thousand atmospheres. By international
aviation standards glass plane, the casing must withstand a bird strike up to 1, 8 kilograms and power
the installation does not fail when it gets this "instance". But the event of a collision with a whole flock of birds
or the so-called goose-whisperers weighing up to 5 kg, and this is very dangerous. At the airports all over the world
used against congestion flocks sound effects, and shooting of birds of prey. Pilots take off and land
recommended with headlights aircraft to scare off birds.


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