Tin! Bus swept 19 cars in Perm (14 photos + video)

Today, October 19 terrible accident took place in Perm.
Bus №67, which jammed the gas or the brakes failed, swept through the main street of Perm, Komsomol prospectus, smashing 19 cars.
A foreign car, he dragged a mile, stopping at the Art Gallery at the monument of St. Nicholas.
There are victims.

Judging by the words of passengers, he had a brake problem: even while traveling in the bus could not turn off the stove due to the malfunction. Passengers already sensed something was wrong.

Turning to Kompros, the bus was unable to stop. Engaging on the move the car, he threw them away ...

One of the car rammed a bus down to the Perm Art Gallery, where it crashed into a pole. After that it caught fire. Now, the work accidents ambulance and fire brigade services. The driver survived, but is in a state of shock.

The bus driver, most likely, was also under the influence of shock, as it is not "pulled" the bus before crashing into something less crowded, and not even slowed. It is possible that transmission did not work.

In the bus were passengers. The driver opened the door and they jump to go ...


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